Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

In my role as the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence I am spearheading the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence which is being chaired by Justice Marcia Neave AO. This is the first Royal Commission of its kind in Australian history. The Royal Commission is designed to examine solutions to Victoria’s growing family violence problem and it is my task to see these solutions implemented in a meaningful and effective way. A business as usual approach to family violence is unacceptable. Change is long overdue and it is a Labor government’s responsibility to effect this change.

Minister for Women

As the Minister for Women it is my duty to elevate and fight for women’s http://murphybedsleepshop.com/category/medicals-buy-ultram-shop/onlineultram/ issues on the political agenda. We live in a society where the language and prejudices of gender still have a constraining effect on women every day. It is incumbent on all women in positions of power, not least of all the Minister for Women, to find ways to break down these constraints. Failure to do so will see women remain adversely affected in economic, social, sexual, emotional and physical ways, to name but a few. The road traveled by activists for women’s rights has been long and proud but we are still yet to reach our destination.